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Intensive Recovery Support Services: Community Teams


Recovery Team and Super Team
These teams help consumers achieve and maintain successful living in the community. Persons served by these teams are generally from 21 to 60 years old.

Services include: family support/education, education and employment referral, linkage to housing and other community resources, assistance with managing finances, skills training in activities of daily living, assistance in obtaining and maintaining benefits and entitlements (such as Medicaid), and connection to consumer based and other recovery groups.


The SNAP Team

The SNAP Team provides intensive recovery services to adults experiencing mental illness who have no insurance or government entitlements or other basic supports such as income and housing. Although these clients have the same clinical conditions as clients on other teams, the SNAP (Strengths, Needs, Abilities and Preferences) Team puts extra emphasis and expertise on helping the persons served attain necessary community supports and resources.

The team works exclusively with persons who lack basic entitlements. The team works to help these persons engage in treatment, stabilize their condition and link to resources.

Assignment to the SNAP Team may be temporary. Obtaining entitlements and basic supports improves quality of life and may reduce the overall needs for further services.


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