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Intensive Recovery Support Services: Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment Services


Services for persons with both mental illness and addictions

The Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment (IDDT) Center is designed to improve the quality of life of people struggling with the dual disorders of mental illness and addiction.

This program offers a multi-disciplinary team approach to providing comprehensive treatment services. The team approach allows persons served to receive services that are focused on their individual recovery needs.

The IDDT services include: the Dual Disorders Community Treatment team, outpatient group and individual treatment services, the Soaring Sober program, and residential treatment at the Fowler House Residential Program. Services are based upon evidence-based practices that are proven to enhance recovery in this special population.


Dual Disorders Community Treatment Team

This team provides individualized treatment that is compassionate, humane and sensitive to each person’s unique needs. The team provides advocacy, support, case management, education/employment linkage and crisis intervention services—all focused on services that promote ongoing recovery. The team works assertively using all community resources to assist persons served as they work to achieve their life goals.

Soaring Sober
The Soaring Sober program, a unique day service for persons with dual disorders, operates five days a week. Soaring Sober stresses the importance of abstinence as a vital recovery tool. The primary goal of the program is to aid consumers in developing, increasing and maintaining stabilization related to their unique combination of mental health and addiction disorders. The Soaring Sober program uses stages of interventions (for example, plan interventions to match each person’s level of recovery) that encourage motivation and recovery.

Fowler House
The goal of the Fowler House Residential Treatment program is to create an environment that helps residents develop independent living skills to meet their daily living needs. Serving residents 7 days per week and 24 hours per day, Fowler House staff use stages of interventions that help the consumers learn to manage symptoms of both disorders and pursue their individual goals.

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