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Consultation, Education, and Prevention


Consultation, Education, and Prevention services are designed to educate the community about mental health and addiction issues, to reduce the stigmas associated with mental illness, and to work with other community organizations to enhance the quality of life in Franklin County.

North Central offers several programs to adults and families through a Speakersí Bureau and workshops. These presentations deal with several topics including stress management, self-esteem, assertiveness training, parenting skills, coping with divorce, and conflict resolution. These workshops are designed to enable individuals to build the skills necessary to deal with daily stressors.

The Elder Focus team works to help older adults deal with change and loss that they may be experiencing. Workshops are also provided to prevent elder abuse. These workshops target older adults and their caregivers. Elder Focus also educates older adults and agencies serving older adults about the potential risk that persons in this age group may turn to alcohol or other drugs to try to deal with loss and grief.

The Family Focus team works with several area schools and agencies serving children and families. Consultation, Education, and Prevention activities include working with school counselors, teachers and special education programs; juvenile diversion programs; child protection services; and youth system programs.

North Central has developed several programs which focus on the prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse problems. Programs are conducted to raise awareness about the problem of substance abuse as well as to reach persons who are at high-risk for developing these problems.

Community Focus activities link North Central with community organizations and provide to them information about North Central—its roles and responsibilities.

Consultation, Education, and Prevention staff will create new programs in response to community requests and emerging needs.

To request a presentation or consultation, call (614) 227-6865.

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